Perrine takes her name from the incredible woman who is responsible for saving her life. Coming from the French name, Pierre, meaning rock, it’s even more fitting for this strong little chimp who was determined to live.

With continued care, Perrine made a full recovery and after a few months joined the nursery group at Tchimpounga. Her start in life was tough, but now Perrine gets to spend her days climbing, playing, grooming, and exploring the forest with her friends under the doting and protective eye of Tchimpounga’s carers.

Your contribution ensures Perrine receives the love, attention, and specialized care needed for her physical and emotional well-being. From nutritious meals to medical treatments and stimulating enrichment, you become an integral part of Perrine's journey towards a brighter future.

As a monthly Chimp Guardian you’ll receive a digital pack that includes

  • Printable & personalised guardian certificate 
  • A printable bio on Perrine 
  • In-depth knowledge about the incredible work going on in around Tchimpounga
  • Monthly updates on Perrine
  • Earlybird invitations to exclusive Jane Goodall Institute Australia events
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