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Contributions are tax deductible.

Junior Chimp Champion

Be a Chimp Champion, make one-off donation of $50 or more & join the movement!


For Tchimpounga, AUD$50.00 can buy*:

  • A week's supply of baby formulas for 2-3 infant chimpanzees.
  • A 6 month's supply of blankets for sick/special needs chimpanzees.
  • A 6 month's supply of rice balls/soy porridge for seven chimpanzees' supper.
  • 25kg of bananas/pineapples.
  • 20x 750ml bottles of peanuts (one of the chimpanzee's favourite treats) 

*Estimations only. Above examples may not reflect actual spending budget. Cost of operation may vary depending on numerous factors. 

So imagine what your donations can do! 

Your donation of $50 will contribute towards a larger goal to support our chimpanzees!

As a Chimp Champion, you will receive the following*:

  • Information about the Chimp Guardian program
  • Information about Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre
  • Chimp Champion Certificate
  • Biography of Anzac

*To protect our environment, all items will be delivered electronically via email.