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Special Gifts for Special Chimps

Make the holidays special for the chimps of Tchimpounga by donating a gift this holiday season

A Holiday Treat for Rescued Chimps

The resident chimpanzees at JGI's Tchimpounga Sanctuary in Republic of Congo - rescued chimps orphaned by the illegal pet and bushmeat trades - deserve a little treat in the spirit of holiday goodness. This is our gift to them, and we cannot do it without our incredible supporters!

Each year staff at Tchimpounga have a bit of holiday fun by giving gifts to the chimpanzees. As you will see in the video, that chimpanzees love the crinkly (recycled) wrapping paper and tinsel … and some seem to be more interested in the boxes themselves rather than what was inside!



 receiving care at the sanctuary


Kilos of food

eaten by Tchimpounga chimps every month


Hours of care

provided by our staff each year

Which Gift Will You Give?



Will provide 3kg of peanuts for the chimps as a special treat



Will provide paintbrushes, paint and canvas for a chimp to play with



Will provide 25kg of bananas for the chimps to enjoy

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia has Deductible Gift Recipient status and all donations over $2 have full Australian tax exemption.
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