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Chimp Guardian (Monthly)



Gender: Female
Approx. Birth Year: 2010
 Arrived: 25th Apr. 2012 



Gender: Female
Approx. Birth Year: 2006
  Arrived: 29th Jul. 2009  



Gender: Male
 Approx. Birth Year: 2010 
  Arrived: 25th Aug. 2010 

YOU can make the difference in the lives of our orphaned chimps by becoming their Chimp Guardian. With your help, the chimpanzees like our Anzac,  Lemba and Mbebo, will receive the care that they need to grow and be rehabilitated to our sanctuaries where they will be protected and live out the rest of their lives. 

As a Chimp Guardian ($25/month), you will receive the following*:

  • Information about the Chimp Guardian program
  • Information about Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre
  • Chimp Guardian Certificate
  • Biography of your adopted Chimp
  • Updates from Tchimpounga
  • Invitations to exclusive Jane Goodall Institute Australia events

*To protect our environment, all items will be delivered electronically via email.

Note: If no chimp is chosen, you will be a Chimp Guardian for Anzac.