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Help care for orphaned chimpanzees with a symbolic adoption.

Rescued chimps often arrive sick and injured to the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo. Under the skillful care of JGI staff, these chimpanzees receive a second chance of a happy and safe life.

Today, all four subspecies of chimpanzee are endangered and the remaining populations desperately need our help.

When you Adopt a Chimp for $25 a month or more, you will receive the following:

  • Invitations to exclusive Jane Goodall Institute Australia events
  • Biography of your adopted Chimp
  • Information about the Chimpanzee Sanctuaries, Chimp Guardian Certificate & information about the Chimp Guardian program
  • Updates & info about Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre

Last minute gift?

We've got you covered! Put in the recipient's details and we'll send a personalised certificate for you to print or send to them.

*To protect our environment, all items will be delivered electronically via email.

Can provide baby formula for an infant chimp for one week


Can feed an adult chimp for one week


Caregiver's salary for one month


Protects a square kilometre of chimpanzee reserve for one year



Meet Anzac


Meet Lemba


Meet Mbebo

Rescued from the illegal bushmeat trade, Anzac is a very outgoing and adventurous little chimpanzee. She is not hindered by her missing arm and comes up with novel solutions to deal with any obstacles in her way. Anzac loves to run and climb with the other babies and enjoys jumping to the ground from perches.


Lemba was rescued from the wildlife trade and is a very calm and gentle chimp. Sadly in 2010, she contracted polio and no longer has the use of her lower limbs. Despite her disability, Lemba has found other ways to move around using her incredibly strong upper body. She is often seen giving hugs and nurturing other chimps in the community.


After being rescued, Mbebo was initially introverted and shy with the other chimps, but now he is exactly the opposite! He is dynamic, active and curious and loves to explore new places and things. He is always on the move and makes life difficult for his caregiver Antoinette who is always chasing after him.


If you do not choose a chimp, you will be assigned as the Chimp Guardian for Anzac.

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