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Help the Jane Goodall Institute keep their promise of never turning away a chimp in need.

When orphaned chimpanzees arrive at our Tchimpounga Sanctuary, we give them the safe haven and skilled care they need for a second chance at life. We make this commitment for their entire lives, an average of 60 years in captivity. It takes a tremendous amount of resources to provide these vulnerable Chimpanzees with a lifetime of care.

Last minute gift?

We've got you covered!  If you donate greater than $100, you will receive the following*:

  • Information about Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre
  • A personalised certificate to give to your gift recipient.

*To protect our environment, all items will be delivered electronically via email.


Can provide baby formula for an infant chimp for one week


Can feed an adult chimp for one week


Caregiver's salary for one month


Protects a square kilometre of chimpanzee reserve for one year



Meet Kabi

Kabi was brought to the sanctuary in May 2018 after being found deep in the forests of northern Congo near a town called Mokabi, which gave him his name.


Meet Vienna

Vienna arrived a few months before Kabi after being discovered in the mountainous Niari region of Congo.

Thank you for giving Kabi and Vienna a second chance of a happy and safe life that they deserve.

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