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Will you Adopt a Chimp?

You can help Jane Goodall's Chimp Sanctuary turn an orphaned chimpanzee's story into one of hope, by becoming a Chimp Guardian today.

Tchimpounga: a sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees to thrive

When orphaned chimpanzees arrive at our Tchimpounga sanctuary, we give them safe haven and the dedicated care they need for a second chance at life. We make this commitment for their entire lives, an average of 60 years in captivity.

It takes a tremendous amount of resources to provide care for our closest living relatives—with a lifetime of love and care. 

Jane and Chimp



 receiving care at the sanctuary


Kilos of food

eaten by Tchimpounga chimps every month


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provided by our staff each year

Which Chimp will you Adopt?



Rescued from the illegal bushmeat trade, Anzac is a very outgoing and adventurous little chimpanzee. She is not hindered by her missing arm and comes up with novel solutions to deal with any obstacles in her way. Anzac loves to run and climb with the other babies and enjoys jumping to the ground from perches. 



Lemba was rescued from the wildlife trade and is a very calm and gentle chimp. Sadly in 2010, she contracted polio and no longer has the use of her lower limbs. Despite her disability, Lemba has found other ways to move around using her incredibly strong upper body. She is often seen giving hugs and nurturing other chimps in the community.  



After being rescued, Mbebo was initially introverted and shy with the other chimps, but now he is exactly the opposite! He is dynamic, active and curious and loves to explore new places and things. He is always on the move and makes life difficult for his caregiver Antoinette who is always chasing after him. 

Your decision today to adopt a chimp in Jane Goodall's sanctuary will save a life.
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Note: If no chimp is chosen, you will be a Chimp Guardian for Anzac.
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Funds from generous Australian supporters like you are sent to Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Sanctuary in the Republic of Congo. We are very proud that JGIA is able to support Tchimpounga with about $75,000 in donations each year and with your help, we can do even more. In fact, these donations are the lifeblood of the sanctuary, providing the ongoing funding it needs to offer care to the chimps who call it home for the rest of their lives.

It costs about $2,500 per year just to feed one chimp, and your donation will also contribute to veterinary care, sanctuary maintenance, staff salaries and so much more. 

When you adopt a chimp you will receive the following:

  • Invitations to exclusive Jane Goodall Institute Australia events
  • Biography of your adopted chimp
  • Information about the chimpanzee sanctuary, Chimp Guardian certificate & information about the Chimp Guardian program
  • Updates & information about Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Sanctuary

*Please note, to protect our environment all items will be delivered electronically via email.

There are few animals that intrigue us quite as much as the chimpanzee, and with good reason. We share 98 per cent of our genes with these intelligent primates, making them our closest living relatives. Sadly, the number of chimpanzees left in the wild has plunged by more than two-thirds over the last 30 years. Where chimpanzees were once abundant throughout the rainforests and wet savannahs of Africa, exploitation by humans and habitat destruction have resulted in their local extinction in four African countries. The remaining populations desperately need our help.


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